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Families Access to Services Team (FAST) is Cayuga County’s System of Care approach to coordinating services to families with youth who have significant behavioral health needs. FAST is a cross system collaboration of county providers, school partners and youth and their families designed to be the “single door” for families to access home and community based services and support.

Referrals for services may be made by parents/caregivers, providers, and schools.

What is a System of Care (SOC)

An Effective SOC

  • needs organized leadership, decision-making and oversight:
  • provided through a group or team effort
  • comprised of those persons who hold a shared vision for what needs to be done, can identify and eliminate barriers, including gaps in service
  • can communicate information so services are not duplicated and needs are met more efficiently
  • have the ability and resources to make those things happen.

Why SOC?

It is proven to achieve the following outcomes: 

  • Promoting wellness of children and youth across their lifespan
  • Multi-system sharing of resources and responsibilities
  • Array of necessary and appropriate services and supports
  • Collaboration across systems and traditional funding silos
  • Engaging and supporting families in raising their children with health and resilience